Number of Filipino Residents in Japan Rises in 2023

TOKYO – Filipinos constitute the fourth-largest population of foreign residents in Japan, according to the latest data from the Immigration Services Agency (ISA).

As of the end of December 2023, Japan was home to 322,046 Filipino residents, marking an increase of 23,306 compared to 2022, as reported by the ISA.

Chinese nationals retained their status as the largest group of foreign residents with 821,838 individuals, followed by Vietnamese with 565,026 and South Koreans with 410,156.

Japan’s overall foreign resident population reached a record high of 3,410,992 by the end of last year.

Permanent residents comprised the largest category by residency status, totaling 891,569 individuals.

Tokyo has the highest number of foreign residents, hosting 663,362 individuals, followed by the prefectures of Aichi, Osaka, Kanagawa, and Saitama. - Florenda Corpuz

(File photo shows the Tokyo Tower: Din Eugenio)