Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa Begin COVID-19 Quasi-Emergency Measures

TOKYO – Japan’s quasi-emergency measures placed for Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa went into effect on Monday that will allow governors to order bars and restaurants to shutter by 8 p.m. and impose up to 200,000 yen in administrative fines on noncompliant establishments, among others.

The measures to stem the rise in COVID-19 cases will last through until May 11 for Tokyo, and May 5 for the municipality of Kyoto and nine cities in Okinawa. The steps began on April 5 in the cities of Osaka, Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture and Kobe, Nishinomiya, Amagasaki and Ashiya in Hyogo Prefecture where they will likewise remain in place until May 5.

Japan’s capital reported 306 new COVID-19 cases on Monday. - FJJ

(Article cover photo: Pedestrians wearing masks cross the street near Tokyo Station on the first day that quasi-emergency measures took effect. Photographed by Din Eugenio)