Ai Tominaga, Other Celebs Receive Japan’s First ‘Kimonoist’ Award

TOKYO – Japanese model Ai Tominaga and eight other celebrities were honored at the inaugural 2021 Kimonoist Award held at Happo-en last Nov. 9.

Tominaga along with Buddhist monk, makeup artist and LGBTQ activist Kodo Nishimura; musician Ken Yokoyama; actors Shinji Takeda, Taishi Nakagawa and Taichi Saotome; actress Yasuko Matsuyuki; architect Yuko Nagayama; and TikToker Hina Kagei received the accolade in recognition of their contribution to the promotion of the kimono culture.

Ai Tominaga

“I am honored to receive such a wonderful award,” Tominaga enthused, while adding that she was surprised that this was the first time that the event was held. “I thought it had happened. I hope that it will continue as it is.”

The event was hosted by announcer Junichi Tosaka. - Florenda Corpuz

(Article cover photo: L-R - Nishimura, Nakagawa, Tominaga, Yokoyama, Matsuyuki, Takeda, Nagayama, Saotome and Kagei display their kimono dresses as they receive the first Kimonoist Award)