Get a Taste of Filipino Christmas with these Desserts at Hard Rock Cafe, Tony Roma’s

TOKYO – There’s nothing like spending Christmas time and sharing a meal with families and loved ones back home. But this may not be ideal right now because of pandemic-related travel restrictions. That is why the Philippine Embassy, through its Tourism Section, has once again collaborated with Hard Rock Cafe and Tony Roma’s Roppongi branches to launch the “Christmas Flavors of the Philippines”, a campaign featuring three holiday dessert items that will surely warm your hearts starting Nov. 6 until Dec. 31.

SALTED CARAMEL BIKO. A mochi dessert with banana and vanilla ice cream as toppings. Available at Hard Rock Cafe for 880 yen.
COCONUT UBE CAKE. Ube ice cream and gold leaf are topped on a cake made from purple sweet potatoes. Available at Hard Rock Cafe for 880 yen.
COCONUT BIBINGKA. Served with ube and pistachio ice cream, finished with roasted coconut and mango sauce. Available at Tony Roma’s for 880 yen. 

(Article by Florenda Corpuz, photos courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe and Tony Roma's Japan)