Japan Continues to Attract Filipino Visitors

TOKYO – Japan remains a top choice for Filipino tourists, with approximately 68,500 visitors from the Philippines recorded in April. This significant influx solidifies the country’s position as the premier destination in the Asia-Pacific region, as highlighted in a recent report on travel and tourism development from the World Economic Forum.

The Land of the Rising Sun welcomed an estimated total of 3,042,900 foreign arrivals last month, according to a preliminary report by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

In the rankings of top inbound tourism contributors, the Philippines secured the eighth position, with South Korea leading in first place, followed by China in second, Taiwan, the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Australia. Indonesia claimed the ninth spot, with Vietnam in the 10th position.

Tourism officials attributed this surge to the weak yen and Japan’s cherry blossom season. - Florenda Corpuz

(Tourists drive rental go-karts through the streets of Tokyo as onlookers capture the scene on May 21, 2024. Photo by Din Eugenio)