Osaka Expo 2025: Countdown Begins Amid Challenges

OSAKA – With less than 500 days remaining until the 2025 World Exposition opens on Yumeshima Island in Osaka City, organizers press on despite numerous challenges.

Advance sales of admission tickets have commenced amid concerns about ballooning costs, which have almost doubled the initial estimate to 235 billion yen, partly funded by taxpayers. Reports also highlight delays in pavilion construction. Nevertheless, organizers remain committed to ensuring the success of this global event.

The Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition conveyed their dedication to adhering to the original schedule in an email interview with the Filipino-Japanese Journal.

“We support countries in various aspects, including identifying suitable construction companies,” Naoko Yoshimoto said.

She emphasized that they are committed to assisting participating countries in overcoming challenges that may impede meeting deadlines due to valid reasons, citing “unforeseen external factors” as contributors to construction budget fluctuations.

Despite the hurdles, the Expo, slated to be the first in the post-COVID era, is scheduled to unfold over 184 days, from April 13, 2025, to October 13 of the same year.

“We are putting forth our utmost efforts for timely preparation,” Yoshimoto said.

She added that they are utilizing all available channels for active promotion, including collaborations with national organizations such as the embassies of Japan, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

Moreover, Yoshimoto stated a reservation system will be implemented to minimize congestion, allowing visitors access to as many pavilions as possible to enhance the overall visitor experience at Expo 2025, emphasizing safety and well-being.

As of this writing, approximately 150 countries and regions, along with seven international organizations, have confirmed their participation at Expo 2025, including the Philippines. - Florenda Corpuz