Nicole Borromeo: Empowering Change on the Global Stage

As the newly crowned Miss International 2023 third runner-up, Nicole Borromeo sees her platform as a powerful voice for change. She emphasizes the importance of utilizing her title to address crucial issues and bring about positive transformations.

“It’s great because the beauty of Miss International is that they don’t just take the winner and send her everywhere by herself. I’ve heard that they usually take the top 5, which nurtures sisterhood between the five, specifically in Miss International. I think that’s great because these are the women I personally admire, and I can learn from them as well. I can incorporate what they’ve done in their own projects, which they call SDGs,” she told the Filipino-Japanese Journal.

Nicole also admitted that the pageant has allowed her to view things differently, and in a good way. Immersed in Japanese culture, from schools to traditional games, she discovered shared values between Japan and the Philippines.

“I’ve seen how much it has influenced our country because we were colonized by the Japanese for a period of time. To see the similarities and the values they hold, like respect for family and others, there’s a lot to learn from them. It makes me even more proud to be a Filipino,” she said.

Learn more about Nicole in our exclusive interview featured in this month’s magazine issue of the Filipino-Japanese Journal. Grab your free copy, available now in Japan! - Words by Len Armea, Interview by Florenda Corpuz

(Photos by Din Eugenio)