Taste of Toyama

Situated in the north central part of Honshu, Toyama Prefecture is blessed with an extremely varied and dynamic topography from the 3000-meter high peaks in the Tateyama Mountain Range to a depth of over 1000 meters in Toyama Bay.

The huge amount of snow that falls onto the peaks melts and becomes swift rivers, which then flow into Toyama Bay, one of the richest fishing areas in Japan. Known as a “natural fish tank,” this bay boasts fishing grounds near the ports and around 500 different species of fish.

On Feb. 1, Toyama Prefecture hosted a lunch presentation for the foreign press and embassy officials in Japan at Nihonbashi Toyama, a space for the promotion of Toyama located in the heart of Tokyo, in order to let people discover Toyama Bay, the mysterious sea, as well as other wonders of Toyama Prefecture, and to showcase the taste of Toyama’s delicacies from the new rice cultivar to Toyama Bay seafood.

The guests were served with the sumptuous hamasaku set, which consists of appetizer, sashimi, grilled fish, fried shrimp, simmered dish, rice, miso soup, pickels and dessert.

[Restaurant Information] Nihonbashi Toyama, Nihonbashi Daiei Bldg. 1st fl., 1-2-6, Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,103-0022

Tel. No.: +81-3-3516-3011

This article was originally published in Filipino-Japanese Journal February 2018 issue.

(Photographs by Din Eugenio)