The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-Chome: A New Haven in Tokyo with a ‘Ginza Pop’ Vibe

A new haven, The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome, debuts in Tokyo’s famed Ginza district, known for its upmarket shopping and dining scene, catering to both local and international guests. Recently unveiled by Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., the hotel promises a serene escape, blending convenience, comfort, and a culturally immersive environment.

Nested within Ginza’s quiter 6-chome area, and conveniently near Higashi-Ginza and Ginza stations, the hotel offers an ideal respite from the hustle and bustle of central Ginza, all while ensuring accessibility and convenience.

World-Class Accommodations, Culinary Offerings, and More

With its “Ginza Pop” theme, The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome creates a retro yet vibrant atmosphere, perfect for a modern yet culturally rooted ambiance that can be instantly felt in its facilities, interior décor and culinary offerings.

Guests are welcomed by refreshing greens and yellows, inspired by the nearby ginkgo and willow trees. The Ginza area, popular for its traditional Kabuki theaters, often features the colors black, persimmon red-orange, and muted green. These colors, combined with retro patterns, have been incorporated into the room designs to create a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

“Your travel experience is our highest priority, so we hope that we can provide everything you need for you to relax and be yourself while staying with us,” said Yoshikazu Kobayashi, General Manager of The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome.

Apart from the hotel’s design and ambiance, guests can indulge in culinary offerings from the in-house restaurant, YŌSHOKU-YA GINZA LAMP-TEI, which celebrates yoshoku cuisine—a traditional yet casual style of Japanese and Western fusion cuisine. Whether savoring omurice (an omelet over flavored rice) or a juicy Japanese Hamburg steak, guests can truly taste distinctly Japanese flavors.

Another standout feature is the hotel’s KOBIKICHŌ-CLUB, a unique snack bar concept where guests can come and go freely. Whether guests are in the mood for a drink at the main bar, and a session of karaoke, this club offers a taste of Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife in a safe and approachable setting.

And for those seeking relaxation, the stylish, tattoo-friendly communal bath area offers a serene setting to experience traditional Japanese bathing. While each hotel room has its own bath, guests who want to dip their toes into Japanese bath culture can visit the communal bath for free.

Embracing Ginza Culture With a Hotel Stay

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, or seeking a relaxing staycation, The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome offers an unforgettable experience in Tokyo. With its strategic location, stylish amenities, and gastronomic offerings, it caters to every guest’s needs.

So when in Tokyo, immerse yourself in the essence of “Ginza Pop” and discover a new kind of experience with every stay at The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome.

How to Get There

The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome is conveniently located just a three-minute walk from Higashi-Ginza Station, Exit 3/4/A1 (accessible via the Tokyo Metro/Toei Asakusa Line/ with lifts available at Exit 3 and A1). Alternatively, it is a quick six-minute walk from Ginza Station, Exit A3 (accessible via Tokyo Metro lines/with a lift available at A7).