TMC Navi Offers Consultation on COVID-19, Other Matters to Filipinos

TOKYO – The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation “Tsunagari” has set up the Tokyo Multilingual Consultation Navigation Service (TMC Navi) as a contact point where foreign nationals, including Filipinos, living in Tokyo can consult about daily life issues or ask about things they would like to know more about.

TMC Navi provides consultations on a variety of matters to foreign residents in their mother tongue, including issues regarding anxiety and impact on their daily lives due to the resurgence of coronavirus infections.

Currently, this service is only open on weekdays, and not available on Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays. However, in order to respond to concerns foreign residents may have during the upcoming public holidays known as “Golden Week”, TMC Navi will operate temporarily as detailed below:

Temporary Opening Dates: April 29 (Thursday, national holiday)

                                                 May 3 (Monday, national holiday)

*Normal operations will resume on May 6 (Thursday)

Temporary Operating Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Telephone Number: 03-6258-1227

Available Languages:

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog