Filipino Tourists to Japan Exceed Pre-Pandemic Figures in September

TOKYO – Japan once again experienced a significant recovery in Filipino tourism last month, surpassing pre-pandemic levels from 2019, according to a preliminary report by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

Around 42,800 visitors from the Philippines arrived in Japan, marking a robust 13.4 percent increase compared to the 37,758 visitors recorded in September four years ago.

Over the past nine months, Japan welcomed 410,300 Filipino tourists, a 2.0 percent rise from the 402,119 visitors in January to September 2019.

In total, Japan hosted an estimated 2,184,300 foreign tourists last month. - Florenda Corpuz

(A woman is seen walking with a luggage near Tokyo Station on Oct. 19, 2023. Photo by Din Eugenio)