Okinawa Int’l Movie Festival Announces Highlights of 11th Year’s Lineup

TOKYO – The Okinawa International Movie Festival (OIMF) announced on March 4 its 11th edition lineup, with highlights including world-class films from Japan and abroad, UN Sustainable Development Goals-related events and a red carpet procession of famous Japanese celebrities and talents at a press conference held at the Shinjuku headquarters of Yoshimoto Kogyo, the producer of the festival.

The four-day festival will present 11 films in its Special Invitation Section, three of which are hotly anticipated: The Japanese film "ERICA 38," the Indonesian work "Keluarge CEMARA" and the Japanese movie "My Father, My Bride."

"ERICA 38" tells the fascinating story of a Japanese woman in her 60s who ran a scam and amassed approximately eight million dollars. When the police close in, she flees to Thailand and lives in a village passing for a 38-year old. Miyoko Asada’s sterling performance will definitely thrill filmgoers. It also features veteran actress Kiki Kirin, in her final film.

"Keluarga Cemara," a box office hit in its native country, is based on short stories by celebrated writer Arswendo Atmowiloto. It sketches the tale of a Jakarta family that loses all its wealth and must leave the city. It powerfully expresses familial love and perseverance.

"My Father, My Bride" addresses the stresses sexuality can bring on a family and a community.

Other feature films will include movies from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Russia.

For this year’s edition, the festival will once again put on many fun events around the UN program of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aims to create a more livable, sustainable world for everyone.

As a tradition, the festival will hold a red carpet event featuring appearances by noted filmmakers and actors from Japan and overseas on Naha City’s popular Kokusai Dori on its last day. A great treat for movie fans in Okinawa.

Among those who have attended the previous editions of OIMF were Japanese actress Nana Eikura, international rock superstar Gackt, comedienne Naomi Watanabe, Hollywood newbie and Japanese boyband singer Win Morisaki, veteran Hong Kong director Fruit Chan and former Warner Entertainment Japan boss William Ireton.

The 11th OIMF will be held from April 18-21 at venues throughout Okinawa Prefecture with the slogan “Transform! Follow Your Heart.” - Florenda Corpuz

(Photograph by Din Eugenio)