The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya: Where Tradition Meets Luxury in the Heart of Chubu Region

Located in the historic Chunichi Building, a symbol of Nagoya for over half a century, The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya, which opened on Feb. 20, is strategically positioned to cater to business and international leisure travelers. It reflects the rich cultural heritage of the Chubu region, geographically situated in the central part of Honshu, showcasing traditional Japanese crafts and products in its facilities and guest rooms. From Arimatsu Shibori textiles to Tokoname, Seto, and Mino ware pottery and ceramics, every aspect of this new hotel is a tribute to the region’s craftsmanship.

The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya’s prime location on the 7th floor and 24th to 32nd floors of the freshly redeveloped Chunichi Building offers breathtaking views of iconic cityscapes, such as Nagoya Castle, Mirai Tower, and Oasis 21, among others. It also creates mesmerizing night views of Nagoya City and its vibrant Sakae district.

“Chunichi Building is a very iconic landmark,” explained Yumiko Miyata, PR Officer and a representative from the Hotels Operation Planning Section, Operation Department of Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., to the Filipino-Japanese Journal when asked about the choice of location for the new hotel. “We want to make this hotel an ambassador facility to introduce the culture of the Chubu region,” she added.

The hotel entrance sets the tone for a unique experience, adorned with a 5m x 5m masterpiece by Syuhei Hasado, a renowned artist in the century-old art of Japanese “Sakan” plaster works. The elegant simplicity of the front lobby on the 24th floor hints at the underlying aesthetics and philosophy of wabi-sabi.

The guest rooms feature three distinctive design concepts: “History,” “Present,” and “Timeless,” providing guests with a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Chubu. Its 246 rooms all offer stunning views of Nagoya City and the surrounding mountains, as well as a unique perspective on the region’s powerful crafts and manufacturing, incorporated in the many materials and products of the region they contain. The Standard floors provide comfortably-sized rooms featuring the beautiful charm of Japanese design, while the 32nd Premium floor stands out with particularly spacious rooms of over 55㎡.

The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya boasts an array of amenities, including the classy BAR SOU and outstanding restaurants such as THE 7th TERRACE, a stunning rooftop dining venue. SHUNJU offers a luxurious space blending the past, present, and future of East and West, serving authentic Shanghai cuisine. The first Nagoya branch of the globally recognized SUSHI GINZA ONODERA offers authentic sushi.

The hotel’s unique Ryurei Tea Room, located within THE TEA LOUNGE, offers a space where guests can experience the culture of Japanese tea ceremonies in a relaxed and inviting setting.

As the flagship brand of the “THE” series, “ICONIC” embodies the essence of symbolic luxury and premium hospitality. The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya is the fourth establishment under the “Iconic” brand line and the second property for Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. in Nagoya.

We are moving toward an era where the hotel itself is a travel destination. I would like guests, both from Japan and abroad, to experience this. As one of the top Japanese hotel brands, The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya aims to express the essence of Japanese hospitality and enable our guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable and authentic Chubu experience,” said Ken Echizenya, General Manager of The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya.

Under the concept of “Exploring Chubu,” The Royal Park Hotel Iconic Nagoya’s fusion of Japanese traditional aesthetics from the Chubu region with modern elements provides the perfect concept to offer international guests an authentic Japanese experience.